Developing Leadership and Conflict Resolution Skills in Children

We are implementing a workshop with a group of children from Cartagena, Colombia. This workshop was prepared by our psychologist and was designed to present the children with ways of developing leadership and conflict resolution skills. In the first part of this program the leader and all the facilitators will be trained including a follow up process during approximately two months. The workshop is divided into four aspects: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental and has a duration of six months. The training of these volunteers will be conducted by Mr. Rodrigo Ensuncho, who has a master in Humanist Psychology from the University of Carl Rogers in Puebla, Mexico.

The workshop will include subjects as dramatizations, use of puppets, dance, writing and reading exercises in the physical level; at the mental level the workshop will touch subjects like good use of free time, development of communications skills, identity and self realization, positive attitudes when confronted with adverse situations; the spiritual level will include subjects as friendship, gratitude, solidarity, work, justice, society. When a session is ended the children will be asked to provide feedback and to show the use of the treated subjects by asking them to prepare a dramatization.

At the end of the six months Mr. Ensuncho will asses the impact the workshop has generated in the group of children and do all necessary adjustments for future workshops.


Current Workshops
We are currently working on developing a workshop to generate different skills in children in Clemencia to resolve conflicts in a pacific manner. In order to get this possible, we are running a Telephone fund raising between the 24th of November to the 16th of December; If you are interested to get more information on the workshop for children click here... For Videos click here...
Training Programs
During 2007 MF helped in the preparation of a training session for the mothers of the children of Clemencia.
An instructor was hired to train mothers in handcrafting and knitting. With the help of volunteers and the local priest the workshop was carried out. There was q large group of trainees.
Three of trained mothers were hired to produce handmade craft that was brought to Canada for sale during fundraising events. Follow this link to see pictures.
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